Tin Man (TV miniseries)

Poster for the Tin Man (TV miniseries)

Tin Man is a television miniseries set to air for the first time on Sci Fi Channel on December 2, 2007 at 9pm. The series is an epic science fiction re-imagining of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

The once-beautiful "Outer Zone" (O.Z.) has been zapped into a frigid and decaying wasteland. One of O.Z.'s inhabitants, known only as Lavender Eyes, has been imprisoned. Her stunningly evil captor in black leather is the sorceress Azkadellia. The Woman is just part of the sorceress's nefarious plot—to suck the souls out of her minions and harness the energy to jump the gap between her world and the "other side"—a place called Earth. But Azkadellia's prescient wolverine servant, Lylo, warns his mistress of a vile presence that embodies goodness, an alarming glimmer of light and hope that could be her undoing. She is DG, a rebellious young waitress from Omaha, imbued with wanderlust and visited upon in her dreams by none other than Lavender Eyes and the fellow slaves whose pleas of "save us" urge DG to follow her destiny.

Enlisting the help of three new friends—Glitch, a man missing half his brain, Raw, a quiet yet powerful creature looking for courage, and Cain, a former policeman (known as a Tin Man in the O.Z.) with a scarred heart, DG embarks on a journey of deliverance along a crumbling old road. Where it leads is into the decadence of the Twister Cabaret, the flamboyant shocks of the Realm of the Unwanted, the fetid horrors of the Black Swamp, and deep into the darkening heart of O.Z. and the mind of the Mystic Man who knows all. Here, DG will discover her role in the fate of a city, her startling connection to Lavender Eyes and to Azkadellia herself.