The Wizard of Oz

Logo for The Wizard of Oz animated series.

The Wizard of Oz is an animated series produced in 1990 to capitalize on the 50th anniversary of the 1939 classic film. It ran on ABC from 1990-91, and was subsequently repeated on the Disney Channel and HBO in the 90's, and on Toon Disney from 1998 to 2002.

The Wicked Witch of the West has been resurrected by Truckle the Flying Monkey and the Flying Monkeys loyal to her through a revival ceremony. Now that she's alive again, she has taken over the Emerald City. Dorothy returns to Oz to finish off the witch once and for all. Each episode consisted of the Witch attempting to get the ruby slippers from Dorothy. Dorothy and her friends were also always trying to save the Wizard from the evil West Wind, created by the Witch. Dorothy would sometimes begin an episode by clicking her heels and saying to herself "There is no place like Oz" repeatedly, which would transport her from Kansas to Oz, a reverse of a key point in the 1939 film. Some episodes had similarity to the film, such as Dorothy convincing the Lion he still was powerful after he lost confidence when the Witch cast a spell on him removing his powerful roar and giving it to a Hyena, but she and her friends worked to reverse the spell. This was similar to the film where the Wizard convinced Dorothy's friends their talents lay within.