Return to Oz

Cover for Return to Oz DVD

Return to Oz is an animated television special produced by Rankin/Bass. It first aired February 9, 1964 in the United States on NBC's General Electric Color Fantasy Hour. It was directed by F.R. Crawley, Thomas Glynn, and Larry Roemer from a teleplay by Romeo Muller, who later wrote Dorothy in the Land of Oz. The special was produced by Crawley Films for Rankin/Bass. Crawley Films also produced the earlier 1961 animated series, Tales of the Wizard of Oz and brought similar artistic character renditions to the special.

Dorothy receives a letter from Socrates the Scarecrow telling her that everyone is happy with the gifts the Wizard gave them, and that they miss her very much. Dorothy goes to find her silver slippers and is instantly taken to Oz again by another Kansas Twister, this time not by house, but an apple tree. Once she arrives back in Oz she is greeted by the Munchkins in Munchkinville. Glinda arrives to tell Dorothy that the Wicked Witch Of The West is not dead and that she has taken Socrates' diploma and burned it up, Rusty's heart by turning herself into a female tin lady and dropping poor Rusty into the water where his chocolate heart melted and he rusted from the fall, Dandy's medal by turning it into a daisy, and is planning to get Dorothy's silver slippers again.