Oz or 20th Century Oz

Album cover for original soundtrack from 20th Century Oz

Oz or 20th Century Oz is a 1976 film written and directed by Chris Löfvén, and stars Joy Dunstan, Graham Matters, Bruce Spence, Gary Waddell, and Robin Ramsay. It received four nominations for the 1977 AFI Awards. The music is by Ross Wilson and the plot is a re-imagining of MGM's 1939 musical version of The Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy is a sixteen-year-old groupie riding with a rock band when, suddenly, the van is in a road accident, and she hits her head. She wakes up in a fantasy world as gritty and realistic as the one she came from and learns she killed a young thug in the process. A gay clothier called the Good Fairy gives her a pair of red shoes as a reward to help her see the last concert of the Wizard, an androgynous rock singer. She is pursued by the thug's brother who attempts to rape her on several occasions. She also meets a dumb surfer, a heartless mechanic, and a cowardly biker.