The Patchwork Girl (aka Scraps)

The Patchwork Girl illustration

The Patchwork Girl is a character from the fantasy Oz Book series by L. Frank Baum. She first appeared in The Patchwork Girl of Oz.

She is a living doll made of patchwork, button eyes, brown yarn hair, a felt tongue, and pearl teeth. She was originally brought to life by a magician who lived in the Munchkin Country named Dr. Pipt by means of his Powder of Life formula to be a servant for his wife. Ojo overloaded her with magic brains before whe was brought to life, and as she whimsically flopped about immediately after being brought to life, Mrs. Pipt was turned into stone when Scraps accidentally spilled the Liquid of Petrifation on her, along with Ojo's uncle. Much of their first adventure is gathering the ingredients to find a counterspell. She later became the companion of the Scarecrow, who found her quite beautiful.