The Magical Mimics in Oz

The Magical Mimics in Oz Cover

The Magical Mimics in Oz (1946) is the thirty-seventh of the Oz books series begun by L. Frank Baum, and the first written by Jack Snow. It was illustrated by Frank Kramer.

Ozma and Glinda go to meet with the Fairy Queen Lurline in the Forest of Burzee and leave Dorothy in charge of Oz. During Ozma's absence, the evil Mimics escape their imprisonment on Mount Illuso and use their magic to take the form of others and attempt to conquer Oz.

Jack Snow was the fourth official chronicler of Oz, succeeding long time Oz illustrator John R. Neill, who had succeeded Ruth Plumly Thompson who in turn succeeded Oz's creator L. Frank Baum. The two Oz novels written by Snow are controversial because they freely continue the adventures of various Oz characters created by Baum, yet they omit any appearances by or even mentions of the vast range of colorful characters added to the Oz canon by Thompson or Neill. This seems to indicate that Snow did not consider them legitimate heirs to Baum's fictional universe, even while Snow was appointing himself Neill's successor.