Speedy in Oz

Speedy in Oz Cover

Speedy in Oz (1934) is the twenty-eighth of the Oz books created by L. Frank Baum and the fourteenth written by Ruth Plumly Thompson. It was Illustrated by John R. Neill.

Speedy (from The Yellow Knight of Oz) returns for another adventure. While inspecting a dinosaur skeleton, Speedy is blown by a geyser into the air. The skeleton comes magically to life and becomes Terrybubble, a live (although fleshless) dinosaur. Terrybubble and Speedy land on Umbrella Island, a magic floating island, which has been captured by the giant Loxo. While there Speedy develops a friendship with the Princess Gureeda, who reads constantly.

Aside from a brief consultation with Princess Ozma and her advisers in one chapter, the book deals exclusively with characters of Thompson's creation.